Client: Insight Rooms

UX Strategy, UI Design, Branding, Front-end Development

The entity formally known as Social Context has progressed and morphed into the social media research powerhouse that is Insight Rooms. Working on a long-term contract, OOM Factory helped design and build many facets of the company’s digital properties.. This centered around the app, which serves as the backbone for Insight Rooms, but also the marketing site and identity.

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The Process

OOM Factory was pulled into Insight Rooms (then Social Context) as a brown field app that was essentially an MVP. Over the course of the next couple years, the app was transformed from a little app that could to a to a full-fledged social media research tool with all the bells and whistles one would expect. We were instrumental in leading all facets of the experience and design process making certain that the user was first while also maintaining team enthusiasm.

MVP (Before receiving some OOM Factory love)

Version 1

Final Version

Branding and Website

Somewhere along the way, Social Context morphed into Insight Rooms for the betterment of the business roadmap. As part of the process, OOM Factory redesigned the website and created a new logo for the company.